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Purchaser's information

Name: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________

City/State/Zip: ________________________

Telephone: ___________________________

E-mail: ______________________________

Hereinafter referred to as "Buyer"

The undersigned Buyer and Seller do hereby agree to the following terms and conditions on the purchase of and ADBA and/or UKC registered American Pit Bull Puppy/dog.

1) Description of Dog/Puppy:

The dog sold pursuit to the terms of this agreement is as follows:

Color: _________________

Sex: _______________

Whelped: ______________

UKC #_________________________

ADBA #________________________

Sire: _____________________ Color: __________________ Whelped: _____________

ADBA #: ____________________________

UKC #: _____________________________

Dam: _____________________ Color: __________________ Whelped: _____________

ADBA #: ____________________________

UKC #: _____________________________

And is hereinafter referred to as "Puppy/Dog"

2) Limitations of this Contract: This contract applies to the original Puppy/Dog and the original Buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party. No replacement will be given if Puppy has been bred, neutered, or spayed outside of the limitations set forth in this contract. Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from Young Blood Kennels for original and replacement Puppy.

3) Seller's Representations:

A. As of the date of this agreement, Puppy/Dog is in good health and free of communicable diseases.

B. Buyer has 72 hours in which to have Puppy/Dog examined by a veterinarian and to personally inspect Puppy/Dog. Buyer may return Puppy/Dog to Seller for a full refund for any reason within this period, providing that Buyer agrees to pay all return transportation costs to Young Blood Kennels.  4) Buyer's Representations:

A. Buyer is completely satisfied with and waives any and all claims regarding Puppy/Dog's conformation, and outward appearance (meaning Puppy/Dog meets the American Pit Bull Terrier breed standard for this age).

B. Buyer agrees upon purchase that Puppy/Dog will be registered with

The Kennel Name "Young Blood" in the registered name on the official registration.  

5) Payment Options

A. Puppy/Dog, identified in Section 1, is being sold for the sum of shipping costs (if needed); paid on ___/___/______ as nonrefundable deposit, the remainder to be paid in full at least one week before shipping date or upon picking Puppy/Dog up. (All deposits are nonrefundable unless the breeding does not take, deposits are transferable to another Young Blood litter)

B. Puppy/Dog, identified in Section 1, is being sold for the sum of ; paid on ___/___/______ a nonrefundable deposit the remainder to be paid in equal payments of paid at _______________intervals (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)

6) Health/ Temperament Guarantees:

A. Seller guarantees that Puppy/Dog is in good health and has received appropriate medical inoculations and care including parvo inoculations and worming. Seller will provide Buyer with a medical chart detailing treatment that Puppy/Dog has received under Seller's care, and future care Seller feels is essential to Puppy/Dog's well being.

B. Seller guarantees that Puppy/Dog is free of life threatening diseases or disabilities (i.e., parvo, distemper, rabies, etc.) for 72 hours after delivery to Buyer. Buyer may return Puppy/Dog to Seller for a full refund, for any reason within that period of time, providing that Buyer pay all return transportation costs to Young Blood Kennels. Seller strongly recommends that Buyer have Puppy/Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian of Buyer's choice within 72 hours of receipt of Puppy/Dog. Please note that the 72-hour window will be extended if Buyer receives Puppy/Dog on a Weekend or Holiday.

C. Seller strongly recommends that Buyer attend Obedience Classes with Puppy/Dog and provide proper socialization opportunities for Puppy/Dog.

D. Seller shall not be held responsible for the acts of Puppy/Dog.

E. Seller shall not be held responsible for the development of non-genetically derived disqualifying faults, diseases, or disorders.

F. Should Puppy/Dog exhibit aggressive behavior which Buyer deems intolerable and irreversible within 12 months after purchase; Buyer will provide Seller with proof that Puppy has been sufficiently socialized and that obedience classes and other structured training methods have been attempted with no results. Upon receipt of such proof; evaluations of Puppy/Dog will be done by a trainer pick by the seller. Should Puppy be deemed irreversibly aggressive; Seller will arrange for euthanasia of Puppy/Dog and provide Buyer with a replacement Puppy/Dog of similar quality; as soon as one is available to Seller. Or Seller will refund 50% of the purchase price. If Puppy/Dog has not received adequate socialization or if Puppy has been fought, Seller will accept Puppy/Dog back but there will be no replacement or refund.

7) Maintenance:

A. Buyer agrees to maintain Puppy/Dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to the following: annual physical exams by a licensed veterinarian, annual vaccinations against DHLPP, annual fecal exams, continual heartworm prevention, and rabies vaccinations as mandated by Buyer's state and county laws. Buyer also agrees to keep Seller informed on the condition of Puppy at least once a year.

B. Buyer further agrees to provide exercise as indicated in order to maintain Puppy in proper weight and physical shape. A proper diet of top-quality dog food shall be fed. Seller recommends fieldboss 27/12 dog food.

C. During the life of Puppy/Dog, buyer and Seller agree to notify each other within 30 days; of any change in address, or telephone numbers.

D. Buyer agrees that Puppy/Dog is NOT TO BE LEFT SOLELY IN A BACKYARD OR KENNEL, and will be allowed to spend substantial quality time in the home with family members. Puppy/Dog is sold with the understanding that it was to go to carefully selected parties that are familiar with the breed and Buyer will insure that Puppy/Dog shall become a member of the family. (This is to assure proper development and maintenance of temperament for which Puppy/Dog was bred.)

8) If the dog/puppy is intact the following will apply to maintain the sellers kennels reputation and bloodline:

A. All breeding of the dog must be for the betterment of the breed and follow the UKC Breeders Code of Ethics.

B. Dogs shall only be bred to stud dogs/bitches that are registered by the UKC, ABDA, Or AKC

C. No dog shall be breed to a dog that is merle or is known to carry the merle gene

D Under no circumstances shall buyer, successors or assignees, allow dog papers or pedigree to be used to falsely register another dog within any dog or pet registries.

9) Miscellaneous:

A. If it reported and confirmed that Puppy/Dog is being abused or neglected by Buyer, rights and ownership of Puppy will automatically be terminated and revert back to Seller who may immediately assume possession. Buyer agrees Seller WILL REPOSSESS PUPPY UPON EVIDENCE OF ANY NEGLECT, ABUSE, AND/OR FIGHTING; AND THAT BUYER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SELLER'S FEES AND COSTS INVOLVED IN THE REPOSSESSION.

B. If at any time circumstances are such that Buyer cannot keep Puppy/Dog, Buyer grants Seller RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL to take possession of Puppy at the original purchase price less the non-refundable deposit. Such offer of RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL will be given to Seller via Certified Mail. Seller shall have 5 working days after receipt of written notice to exercise this option. Any transfer back to Seller shall be accompanied by the appropriate registration paperwork properly endorsed by Buyer. (In the event of emergency circumstances that require immediate relocation of Puppy, he can be returned to Seller immediately, and Seller will thereafter handle the transfer as appropriate.)

C. Buyer will not sell, give, or otherwise transfer the ownership of Puppy without first giving Seller RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL (Section 9-B.) Under NO circumstance shall Puppy be taken to an animal shelter, humane society, or released to a rescue group.

D. Should Buyer choose to break any of the covenants of this contract; the remainder of the contract is null and void, Seller will have the right to repossess Puppy/Dog and Buyer will be liable for any costs involved in the repossession.

By signing below, Buyer declares that __________________________________ has read, understands, and agrees to the above contract.

Print Seller's Name: ___________________

Seller's Signature: ________________________

Date: ________________

Print Buyer's Name: _____________________

Buyer's Signature: _______________________________

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